The Total Wedding Guide is exactly as it sounds - the most comprehensive wedding guide available today - and ALL without any ads to irritate you!

Just in time for a life that could use more time!

This wedding app has organized, sorted, listed, prioritized and put together helpful tips and trends for this special and very busy occasion. We have sorted out all of the tasks into seven main categories. You can also modify these action items to suit your own needs. Each of these categories have been sorted by “to do” dates – from Priority items to tasks you may need to do After the Wedding. For many of us, budgets and personalizing our wedding day is important and so we have included a huge DIY/Budget Section with the same features of sorting and customizing. After deciding which activities you want to include, they can be checked off as done right on the App. Or, they can be uploaded to your iCalendar and you will receive alerts reminding you the task needs attention. Or, you can have them sent to an email address, where the App will sort it all by date and mark whether the item is “Pending” or “Done”.

Available at the Apple Store

The Total Wedding Guide is now available for $0.99 in Canada and the US and priced accordingly in other countries at the Apple Store. This Wedding App is one in a series of time management apps coming to a life that could use more time. “If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”—John Wooden TNPGI - The Never-ending Pursuit of Great Ideas knows how precious time is to each of us and is doing everything they can to give you some back!

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